Laban Library and Archive’s Bookmarks

Laban Library and Archive’s Bookmarks[i]

Laban Library and Archive’s Bookmarks is our access point to a number of internet resources which are relevant both to students and staff at Trinity Laban. It can be accessed via the blue link on the bottom left of the library homepage from anywhere with Internet access (see image below)


We use a social bookmarking service called Delicious to save and display a wide range of web resources such as links to dance and arts agencies and associations, other dance libraries and archives, journal tables of contents services, on-line publications, research catalogues, videos and so on.

What are tags?

Tags are simply words used to describe your links. They can only consist of one word. There is not a limit to the number of tags which can be added to a bookmark and they can be easily added to or removed from a bookmark.

What are tag bundles?

Tag bundles are groups of bookmarks sharing the same tag/tags. They are a little bit like subject headings to a list of internet resources.

How do I search?

There are different ways of retrieving/locating bookmarks

  • Use the search engine which goes through bookmark descriptions, notes and tags.
  • Select a specific tag bundle and browse through the listed resources.

Do I need to set up an account to search Laban library and Archive Bookmarks?

You don’t need to create a personal account in order to be able to search for our bookmarks but you will have to set up one if you wish to do the following:

  • Save your links and create your own tag bundles
  • See new links posted on delicious by those users you decide to follow (including Laban library and Archive’s bookmarks).

If you need any assistance in either saving your own links or keeping track of the users you decide to follow contact Sasi Del Bono at:

Also remember that the Delicious help page provides you with detailed instructions related to setting up your own account, saving your links, creating your stacks and keeping track of those users you decide to follow.

[i] Please note that Internet Explorer does not support Delicious.