Volunteer archiving group in the Laban Archive

For the past six months or so an intrepid group of members of the ‘Retired Not Tired’ dance for health class have been volunteering in the Laban Archive every Tuesday afternoon. They have been working on the Peter Brinson Collection. Peter Brinson was head of postgraduate studies at Laban in the 1980s and before that had been the director of Ballet for All which took ballet out into the provinces of the UK to new audiences. The plucky volunteers are sorting through the 114 boxes of the collection, taking out staples and adding brass paperclips, rehousing the collection in new folders and boxes, and listing the contents of the boxes. The lists are being added to the Laban Archive catalogue (see http://calm.trinitylaban.ac.uk/calmview/) so that everyone can see what is in the collection and so it can be used by students and researchers. Take a look! and if you fancy trying your hand at volunteering in the archive, contact the Archivist at archivist@trinitylaban.ac.uk


This photograph features from left to right Sheila Hartley, Ann Lewis, Gill James, Hilary Ball and Ian Russell in the Laban building, Creekside, London