Summer visitors to the Laban Archive

Summer visitors to the Laban Archive

The Laban Archive welcomed Jill and Ruth Cregeen on 26 July 2013. Their father, Alan Cregeen, was a leading light in the Manchester Dance Circle, a group run by Sylvia Bodmer, a former student and dancer with Rudolf Laban and acclaimed exponent of his theories and teachings,  which was set up in the 1940s and continued into the 1980s. Jill and Ruth brought in some photographs of their father and other members of the Manchester Dance Circle, and kindly allowed us to copy them and add them to the Sylvia Bodmer Collection. They also identified a lot of dancers in the photographs we already hold of the Dance Circle, and found notes and reports written by their father in the minute books. We hope they come back soon with a copy of the film they have which we’re hoping features footage of the Circle performing. If you would like to see the photographs Jill and Ruth donated to the archive or have material you would like to donate, contact us at