“She felt the air with her skin” – Notes from the archive

Gill James, a member of our scholarly ‘Retired not Tired’ archive volunteer team, found the following quote in a letter from John Steer to Peter Brinson. It mentions a conversation he was having with Anne Dorothea Hewer (nee Hiatt), former chairperson of what was to become the Scottish Ballet. She was having dinner with the choreographer Antony Tudor and she asked him what he thought was so special about Isadora Duncan:

‘Physicality’, he said. ‘She felt the air with her skin’

And Jane Mandlik, also from our volunteer team, found the following quote from John Locke, quoted by Peter Brinson in notes he was making for a book:

‘Dancing, being that which gives graceful motions all the life and, above all things, manliness and a becoming confidence to young children, I think cannot be learned too early … Nothing appears to me to give children so much confidence and behaviour, and so to raise them to the conversation of those above their years, as dancing.’

These and many more papers can be found in the Peter Brinson Collection, currently being listed by our volunteers and being made available on our catalogue – have a browse!