Swans and wilis in the Peter Brinson Collection

Our intrepid senior archive volunteers came across some interesting snippets in their Peter Brinson boxes this week:

Hilary Ball found a letter to Peter Brinson from Claire de Robilant talking in 1984 about where the British Council danceĀ  library should go,

Sykes apparently thought that the Company at The Place would read, but they hardly ever go in the Library. And of course “ballet books” are not Robin [Howard]’s delight, “ballet is only “Swans and Wilis”

Ann Lewis found the following notes by Peter Brinson for an obituary, we think probably for a certain Rudolf Nureyev,

A sexual image of masculine macho attraction in photographs. No dancer before has done this. Prodigious sex appeal and sensual appeal to men and women

And coming back down to earth, Jane Mandlik found some notes Brinson was writing on the history of dance in education, showing just how far back it goes,

The dancing master an important element from the Renaissance when he came particularly into his own.

Importance of dancing in education began to be reflected in English education in the work of educationists such as Francis Bacon

Importance of [John] Weaver as theoretician. Weaver [wrote] Anatomical and Mechanical Lectures upon Dancing, 1721

Jane said that perhaps we can see Weaver as a forerunner of Rudolf Laban? If you would like to look at any of the material our stalwart volunteers are finding, browse the Peter Brinson Collection at http://calm.trinitylaban.ac.uk/calmview/Record.aspx?src=Catalog&id=D12