Using eStream

Here’s a very helpful guide on how to use eStream!


What is it?

Trinity Laban eStream is a video streaming website that provides students access to recordings of classes, performances and other materials from the Laban Archive.

How can I access it?

On the library’s computers, just double click on the eStream icon on the desktop.

Alternatively, on your own computer via wi-fi or off site, use and log in using your Trinity Laban username and password. (NB. Not all videos that are available to you will be accessible via this url).

What can I see (as a student)?

On the library’s computers:

  • Class Videos (for the current academic year)
  • Class Assessments (for the current academic year)
  • Performances by students
  • Professional Performances
  • Off air recordings (ie, TV Programmes)
  • Recordings of some lectures
  • A whole load of videos from the Archive (for example the Videoworks collection)

Off Site or wi-fi (via

  • Class Videos (for the current academic year)
  • Class Assessments (for the current academic year)
  • Performances by students (from the current academic year)

I need to download a video…

Various licensing laws apply to the videos on Trinity Laban eStream, so not all materials are available to download for offline use. Currently, only class videos, assessments and performances from the current academic year are available to download (both on and off site).

All other videos cannot be downloaded by students.

We are aware that some recordings that aren’t available for download may be required for offline Research and Private Study, and are in the process of setting up a straight forward way to request videos for download, please email for further details.

Search eStream for “estreamhelp” for a screencast of how to download videos.

How long after my class will the recording be available?

A number of factors influence how long it takes for videos to become available, however we endeavor to put videos on to Trinity Laban eStream as quickly as possible, normally within a week and sometimes as fast as 24 hours.

How best to search Trinity Laban eStream

Use the “categories” page to locate videos by tutor, and utilize the sort by date filter to make the most recent videos appear first.

Alternatively, if you know the exact date of the class/performance, enter it into the search box in the format dd/mm/yyyy (i.e., 01/01/2013). There tends to be only a few recordings from each day, so hopefully you’ll be able to work out which video you require.

A screencast will be available soon with further information and useful search tips.

I can’t find a recording…

Unfortunately not everything has been recorded successfully – sometimes hardware has issues and technology lets us down. Email us details of what you are searching for, and we’ll try to help.

What is the difference between a student performance and an assessment?

We are aware that recordings could sometimes be categorized as both – the factors we use to determine the difference is whether it is apparent that the audience for the piece is obviously wider than the class – if it is, then we deem it to be a Performance, if it isn’t, it’s classed as an assessment.

How long is my video on Trinity Laban eStream for?

Recordings of classes will be available online for the duration of the academic year in which it was recorded (ie, a recording from September 2012 will be available until the end of August 2013, likewise, a recording of a class from May 2013 will also cease to be available at the end of August 2013).

Class Assessments will be archived for 3 years from the end of the academic year they were recorded, although access to these recordings will be limited after the academic year in which they were recorded (for copyright and Intellectual Property reasons).

Performances, recordings of guest lectures and resources from the Archive will remain on Trinity Laban eStream indefinitely, although, access to some may be restricted.

Useful Dates to know

Videos “expire” from the current academic year on the 31st August every year, so class videos will begin to be removed from Trinity Laban eStream.

As some videos (such as Student Performances) become unavailable to download, we would suggest that you download any recordings that you may need for personal/research purposes at your earliest possible opportunity.

I need more help, who can I speak to?

For any more help with Trinity Laban eStream, speak to Ian Peppiatt in Laban Library: (tel: 02083059336)